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BuyInspect Operates in Asia, India, China, and Mexico

BuyInspect operates where your most important suppliers are located. Manufacturing suppliers are constantly moving factories to where lower costs justify their production costs. BuyInspect operations are located in these countries.

  • In China- with our key operations along the coastal industrial and commercial cities of Shenzhen; Guangzhou; Xiamen; Shanghai; Qingdao; Ningbo; Suzhou; Fuzhou; and Tianjin.
  • In Mexico in the main industrial border cities of Tijuana; Mexicali; Nogales; Juarez; Matamoros; Brownsville; and the main industrial, automotive, commercial cities of Guadalajara; Monterrey; Chihuahua; Toluca; Tecate: El Saito and Saltillo.
  • In India in the main cities of Chennai; Mumbai; and Ahmedabad.
  • In South East and East Asia in the industrial cities of Thailand, Philippines; Vietnam; Malaysia; Indonesia; Singapore; Taiwan and South Korea.

Our main Customer Service office is in the USA.

Our main Operational Center is in China at BaoAnn, Shenzhen.

Why Pre-shipment Inspection Create More Costs For You?

There is this case of a German pallet racking company in Malaysia who lost more than it gained from buying from its Chinese supplier.

It selected a Chinese warehousing steel racking company approved by an online china sourcing directory. Then it hired a 3rd party inspection company for a random pre-shipment inspection.

After arrival the goods were stored without incoming inspection and kept for weeks. These goods were sent to different customers. Customers inspected and return the goods for metal racks defects.

The German supplier fixed and paid for the repairs of the customers’ defects at a very high cost to itself.

It tried to sue the China Inspection Company and China supplier in Singapore and Malaysia. The Head Office in Germany then fired its German manager and staff in Malaysia for their incompetence in purchasing management.

Talking with Our Customers on China and Mexico Supply Chain Procurement…

“Talking with Our Customers on China and Mexico Supply Chain Procurement on lessons learned from bad experiences with supply management”

Managed Purchasing

Minimizing Risks and Costs in Off Shoring and Outsourcing

Most Asian suppliers are quick start ups. Their objective is governed by quick profits. They are not Flextronics or FoxConn. They come and go. So the ultimate responsibility in ensuring that outsourcing and offshoring is cost effective and buying risks management is decided by the buyer.

Most buyers do not audit their suppliers’ capabilities in China. Most times it is difficult to pick up product problems through random inspections when it is easy for suppliers to hide problems when the products are finished, packaged and boxed up ready for shipment.

Some customers setup their own China based offices to manage their suppliers. Most times Buyinspect is called in to “inspect the customer’s inspectors’ work”. In China, where money is King, there is always the issue of “inspecting your employees who are inspecting your purchased products”

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Harder to hire and fire Chinese Employees in China because of new Chinese Labors

It is more difficult to hire Chinese staff three years ago because of rising Chinese wages. It gets harder since June 2013 with the new Chinese President Xi cracking down on corrupt Chinese government officials. Chinese employees now know that they have the advantage over their employees. It used to be government officials were on the side of employers. Now these officials prefer to sit on the fence when it comes to making a decision on rightful or wrongful dismissal of a Chinese employee.

No government wants to take the risks of offending aggrieved Chinese employees because of the Weibo Twitter-like instrument which can turn up some ugly skeletons of the officials, resulting in a “corrupt practices investigation” of their past non-government activities.

So many of our US customers feel that having no Chinese staff, or a few skeleton Chinese staff or no management office in China is a good idea of managing their buying.  So unless, you are Walmart, there is no benefit to be gained from having a China office which you may want to shut down in 1-2 years. Shutting down is a bad option. Using BuyINSPECT to handle the supplier quality issues, managing production control and using it’s employees is a sensible option with no conflict of interest with employees and the Chinese officials.

BuyINSPECT is adding Chinese employees simply because we are adding more customers in 2013 because of this new Customer Needs……..

Extracted from conversations with BuyINSPECT customers.


Quality Control and Manufacturing work in Mexico increased rapidly since President Neito took power in 2014 – Mexican Labor Laws were changed.

BuyINSPECT Quality Control services in Mexico jumped up by 30% in 2012 and is still climbing up in 2013.

The main reason is because the Mexican labor cost is getting to be at par with the Chinese labor cost per worker. Many US companies have worked out that it is definitely cost smart to use Mexican suppliers or build their own factories across the US/Mexico border. Logistically there is the advantage of shipping finished products and components across to the US border at lower costs and on a “just-in-time” demand and need strategy. It is also easier to manage product recalls, manage returns and reworks on short notice.

Chinese suppliers also find it more cost-effective and easier to sort out quality issues with their US and Mexican customers. BuyINSPECT is doing outgoing Quality Control in China for Chinese suppliers providing components to Chinese Mexican setups in Tijuana, Mexicali and Juarez. BuyINSPECT is doing incoming inspection for contract manufactures for Chinese components in Guadalajara for Solectron and others assembling for US customers.

Mexico’s President Neito has transformed the Mexican employment law. Finally, employers are not hired prisoners by the old Mexican labor laws which make it difficult to adjust your manpower needs simply because it is too costly to retrench workers or fire an employee. This has attracted Chinese suppliers and manufacturers who have found Mexico to be an investment attraction.

…………News from BuyINSPECT Mexico.